[OMC-Boats] Sportsman 155 Troubles

From: J.J. Ford <jjford@...>
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 15:19:39 -0500 (CDT)


Sorry to hear about your outdrive issues. I have a 69 Sportsman 155 here in Portland Oregon. As far as parts go, I have had the best luck searching on-line and believe that I have spoken to the folks in seattle mentioned earlier in the e-mail string.

However, for the really hard to find or specific stuff There is a marine salvage yard in fairview (fairview marine, I believe)and other than that I have been going to Harvey Marine in Hillsboro (they seem to be mighty proud of their parts though.... cha-ching $$$$)

My outdrive has been working just fine but have a few issues with water in the oil and corrosion on the cases so I have been doing some investigating on what it would take to do a rebuild, reseal and possibly a gear ratio change to match improved performance I am getting out of my motor, so let me know if you find a good shop or good source for parts here in Oregon. (my initial investigations appears to indicate rebuilding an outdrive with new parts is not an inexpesive proposition, but like you I am looking for economical options)

I plan on being out by the fairview shop on the 4th (it is only a couple of minutes from where I keep my boat) I have been looking for a good excuse to stop in so if you would like for me to ask around in there for you let me know.


Sorry for the last post, as I've discovered I need to say where I am <BR>located.<BR><BR>I'm in Pendleton, OR and have a Sportsman 155 that needs at least an
upper gearbox rebuild.  I tore into it this past weekend and found a
shredded gear (no teeth left) underneath the flat plate below the top
cap.  I am trying to save the most money I can, since this may end up
being a project that I'll have to do myself.

THanks again everyone-
JJ Ford

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