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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 11:42:17 -0600

I'd use a decent Marine grade (Permatex) RTV on all the thru-transom
attaching screws. No need to seal the area around the clamp, provided
everything is clean.

Your 71-model year boat has the rectangular boot, as opposed the old
circular boot, yes? The rectangular boots are far easier to come by, but
should last you years.

I converted my 66-Sporty from circular to rectangular boot when I
re-powered. No leaks after a couple of seasons using the procedure
described above.

Keep 'em floatin' :)


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I'm about to replace the rubber transom seal in my newly-acquired '71
Chris Craft Gull Wing. I have the replacement part in hand and the
operation looks deceptively simple. (I've ordered the SELOC manual but
don't have it yet.)

Any tricky parts to this procedure? Is any sealer required? I have
(polyurethane) sealant that I use on my '74 Argosy motorhome. In the
absence of other information, I'm tempted to seal the though-transom
screws, especially, with this stuff. All comments and guidance

Bob McKeown

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