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OK -- Sounds a just tad bit confusing.
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    To anyone interested, I have the boat that came with this trailer. (and the trailer...)

    When I purchased the 1970 Reveler, the owner said he swapped the Johnson trailer for his other boat. He gave me a 1993 Illinois registration renewal receipt for the trailer, I stuck my other trailer plate on this trailer & took the boat & trailer home (very slowly.... whole other story). What he didn't tell me is that he intended to use the Title for "my " trailer to register the Johnson trailer. As I recall, he said that he did not Have "the" title for "my" trailer. ("My" trailer is not really a good fit for my boat, actually I was just going to use this boat for parts for my 1968 Reveler 155... )

    In any case, I am planning to put both of my boats on the block (more on that real soon... with the new pics) and just wanted to make the group aware that if they want to buy this guys trailer (Yes, I know his name... it's on the receipt for the boat & trailer I bought from him September 16, 2005!) then they might want to think twice if they use the serial # 414W416, because it belongs to a 1957 Gator Trailer... My trailer...

    I have considered buying the trailer that came with the boat from the factory, but judging by the previous trailer he sold me, I'm not sure I would be happy with his mod work.
    Your thoughts are welcome.

    Mike Sweeney
    Bartlett, Il


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