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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes we all have to take stock, evaluate and
navigate the waters of life in new directions.

I'm sure I speak for many in wishing you the very best.

And by all means, pass along our warm welcome to your boat's new Capt'n!

Lee Shuster

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> Thanks for the fun and good reading guys.
> But I've actually given up on my '65 Sport 16 and sold her to a friend who
> will be more motivated to get her back into running order. I have too
> many hobbies, an uninterested wife, and the poor boat's been taking the
> back seat for too long. She hasn't been in the water since fall of 2000
> and the local stray cats have had their way with her long enough.
> Fortunately, her new owner only has to replace the deck carpeting
> (Astroturf), bolt in some new seats, paint the trailer, and install the
> new steering wheel cover I bought a few years ago. Then it's just a
> matter of shine 'er up, do some periodic maintenance and go fishin'.
> The ol' Starflight 90 still has some fight in it, and pulled 35mph across
> the lake the last time out - and at least I was able to properly prepare
> the engine and lower unit for the long period of hibernation. So getting
> her back underway shouldn't be too much of a hassle... just takes time
> that I don't have.
> Anyway - I'm going to drop off the list now and suggest the new owner get
> involved with you guys and the vast wealth of information you're so quick
> to share. I'll keep checking the website now and then to see how
> everybody's projects are coming along. Thanks Lee Shuster for putting
> together such a huge store of information of pictures of your boat - it
> really got me motivated seeing your project take shape over the years.
> But again, I'm just in over my head with my other projects to give mine
> the attention it deserves.
> Adios, my friends!
> Eric Hansen
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