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From: Eric Hansen <mr4x4@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 16:19:20 -0500

Thanks for the fun and good reading guys.

But I've actually given up on my '65 Sport 16 and sold her
to a friend who will be more motivated to get her back
into running order. I have too many hobbies, an
uninterested wife, and the poor boat's been taking the
back seat for too long. She hasn't been in the water
since fall of 2000 and the local stray cats have had their
way with her long enough.

Fortunately, her new owner only has to replace the deck
carpeting (Astroturf), bolt in some new seats, paint the
trailer, and install the new steering wheel cover I bought
a few years ago. Then it's just a matter of shine 'er up,
do some periodic maintenance and go fishin'.

The ol' Starflight 90 still has some fight in it, and
pulled 35mph across the lake the last time out - and at
least I was able to properly prepare the engine and lower
unit for the long period of hibernation. So getting her
back underway shouldn't be too much of a hassle... just
takes time that I don't have.

Anyway - I'm going to drop off the list now and suggest
the new owner get involved with you guys and the vast
wealth of information you're so quick to share. I'll keep
checking the website now and then to see how everybody's
projects are coming along. Thanks Lee Shuster for putting
together such a huge store of information of pictures of
your boat - it really got me motivated seeing your project
take shape over the years. But again, I'm just in over my
head with my other projects to give mine the attention it

Adios, my friends!

Eric Hansen
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