[omc-boats] All Quiet on the Western Front

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Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 06:36:18 -0700


It's been way too quiet here! Hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I managed to install some Christmas presents last weekend that my lids gave me:

a) New set of 8 mm Sparkplug wires, b) Pertonic Flamethrower coil, and c) Pertronix Ignitor II electronic ignition kit.

Managed to get some new OMC Boats (E-J-O) model identification tables (which include historic milestones) up on the web in late December. View them at:






Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

PS -- I came up with a name for my boat, that my wife and kids like: "GRATEFUL DAD" seems fitting as the boat was "handed down" to me by Barry Parker and like the band it came from the San Francisco Bay area in the Sixties?

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