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Michigan Wheel still manufactures pin drive props but they're hard to find and kind of pricey, in the $200 + price range.
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  Hi Ralph,

  Thanks for posting the links to your business.

  I spent some time looking thru you website. However, I failed to find any listing for OMC/BRP part numbers 380xxx/381xxx (aluminum) or 172xxx (stainless steel). These would be the 14-inch Pin-drive props that were used on the OMC stringer electric-shift sterndrives that the members of the e-mail list typically have on their 1964 - 1970 OMC-built boats.

  You may or may not ne able to supply these props, but certainly eBay provides a valuable service when trying to locate NOS parts that are no longer being manufacturered.

  Lee Shuster
  Satl Lake City
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    Not sure why I was sent an Ebay link for 14 Pin props- Must be a mailing list...
    Personally I would only purchase a genuine Evinrude prop for my motors.
    Ebay is too risky.

    My websites have several web pages with props charts (includes part numbers, prices, etc.)...examples:
    150 to 300 hp:
    90 to 150 hp;
    Small Props below 50hp:

    How to choose the correct propeller

    I only sell Genuine OMC BRP props, at discounts of 10-20%.
    Check out the new Evinrude Rebel Prop - It's the best prop available for v6 engines!

    If you need a 14 OMC/BRP prop (new or used), give me a call 631-514-1525


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