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My 65 Johnson Deluxe 16 had a very rotten floor so I didn't have any choice
but to tear it all up. When I did, it looked like the foam wasn't hardly
wet anywhere. However, it had a lot of cracks in it and the cracks were
discolored indicating that water had made it's way down them. I started
tearing out the foam and it was just like you described - like chipping
away at a gigantic apple. I soon discovered that there was water sitting
in the bottom inch or two along all the cracks and along the edges of the
stringers. I also found some water in the deepest part of the center of
the hull towards the bow. Judging by what I could see, I determined that
the stringers also had water in them. I cut off the top glass of the
stringers and proceeded to remove the foam from them. I really didn't want
to do this, but they had water along the bottom and along the sides. Ii
think I ended up with 15 garbage bags full of foam. Some of them probably
weighed near 30 pounds, but most were likely about 20 pounds.

In the end I removed every single bit of wood and foam from the hull.
 Right now it's sitting in my backyard with the top deck removed waiting
for spring weather so I can start the replacement work. Without the foam
and deck attached the hull sure is flexible! I may be fortunate enough to
get 4lb 2-part foam at cost from someone that my nephew works with. I'll
have to figure out how to fill the stringers and then re-glass the tops of
them before I can start on the rest. For now, my 90hp outboard is about to
be getting all the attention.

I decided that if I was going to do any structural work on this boat then I
would make sure to do it all completely from the start. Again, I had
little choice but to tear up the entire floor anyway. I've taken lots of
photos, but so far it's just of rotten floor and foam.

- Greg

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Well, I did it - took the plunge into the great unknown tonight - and
performed some surgery on my floor. I tried the 10" hole method to
start off, but that quickly developed into a 4' x 6' rectangle shape
being cut out of my floor. The mysterious foam was nothing like what I
had imagined. I thought it would be just saturated an come out in huge
gooey handfuls. Actually, in my case atleast, it was like chipping
away at a gigantic granny smith apple. That was the consistency of my
foam. And maybe I am lucky, but it looks like just the back 1/2 of the
boat got wet. Under the front seats was dry. Considering it's
condition when I bought it, I can't believe it wasn't worse. So now I
have this big 4'x 6' void to soon be filled with foam. I thought about
going the extra mile and cutting into the areas on the sides of the
engine compartment, but I am going leave it. again maybe just in my
case, but it looks like the foam issue is more of a weight thing than
anything. I was walking around on the water soaked foam before taking
it out. No sag or softness - it was solid. My stringers are glassed
in and didn't get wet at all. The underside of the flooring actually
wasn't too bad either. Looks like they put some resin over the foam
before putting on the floor way back when. Kind of protected the wood.
So all and all I probably took out about 150lbs of soggyness. Was
hoping for more. But glad it's not too soggy. I'm sure under the
engine isn't good, but oh well - I will take my chances. I tilted the
boat forward and am going to see if any water will work its way towards
the bow. I guess now I will just let it sit and dry for a couple
weeks before re-foaming.

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