[omc-boats] Underfloor Foam

From: A Mark <tinman694@...>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 10:24:00 -0800 (PST)

Probably didn't pay enough attention to the list, but
wondered if anyone had removed the foam from under the
floor and just replaced the sections with expansive
foam filled bags (sealed) rather than filling the
whole sections?

Unfortunately, after exploring the center cavity on my
1970 Tiderider, The plastic 'drain tube' running down
the center had ruptured at some time in the distant
past and had soaked the rear section of foam. In the
process of removing the whole floor and all of the old
and SMELLY! foam. The stringers and hull are in good
shape--just some dry rot on the non glassed spars in
between the stringers.

Was planning on re doing the floor to make a storage
area in the center (for Ski's and fishing poles),
installing the transducers for the depth finders, and
putting a secondary bilge pump (by epoxying a piece of
the polyethlene 'wood') to the hull for a mount. Then
of course, make a deck of 3/4 marine plywood with a
poly coating and carpet.

Any suggestions or thoughts on doing the upgrade?
This seems like it will lighten the boat by at least
1000 pounds by the weight of the saturated foam!

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