[omc-boats] Monday Q & A: OMC Electric Shift Gear Lube, inexpensive substitutes available?

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Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 07:57:09 -0600

Q: I have a OMC electric shift outdrive, the OMC book and the dealer
says to use the type c gear lube (for electric shift motors). However
it costs $6 per quart and the lower unit uses ~2 quarts. Can I substitute
a cheaper alternative, like 85-90 weight gear oil used in the differentials
of trucks? Is the high price just because its a boat and not a car?

Shiftless in Seattle


A: Dear Shiftless:

These Electric-shift babies absolutely require the correct fluid becasue of the
way the shifter works. Shifting on these drives is done with an
electromagnet and spring. Energizing the electromagnet causes the spring
to wind around a hub thus connecting the prop-shaft to the spinning
gear. An improper viscosity oil will result in the spring slipping on
the hub resulting in damage to both (with an obscene replacement cost).
I'm sure any brand of 'Type C' (OMC now calls it Premuim Blend) will do,
but I would not recommend trying an auto substitute in this. Also, the
upper gearcase has a tendancy to take on water so you can put a higher
viscosity oil (OMC calls theirs Hi_Vis) in the upper (no shifting done
there) to help slow the migration.

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