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That's right "electric-shift" stringer sterndrives remained in production another 7 or 8 years after boat production ceased, so you're absolutely right that his engine model could have been sourced from another OEM boat builder. But the sterndrive model number scheme remained the same and is listed on my website for all years, not just OMC boat years.

The later OMC 400/800 stringer sterndrives (which adopted the thru-prop exhaust borrowed from the outboard line) used a different numbering schema are also listed.

I don't doubt there were "one-of-nones" that were factory built.
But the change from "colored-side" deck to "white-side" deck on the 16-foot E-rudes doesn't fall into the "special" category.

The other point is just because a boat got sold or registered as a (for example) certain model year, say 1965, doesn't mean it wasn't leftover from the previous year's manufacturing run. The Hull plate model number might help clear that up, er, "more or less".

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>Since OMC sold engines to other companies there's no guarantee any specific
>engine was in a OMC boat. The Stringer's were still being built after the
>boat line was discontinued.
>Another interesting fact/question, some of these boats and trailers where
>"one of a kind". OMC had a Special Services Division the engineers and
>exec's could have a boat built to there spec's, and a lot of them did. They
>also built boats for various boat shows around the country, the boats at the
>shows where for sale. The 1968 Rogue I bought was the display model for the
>Chicago Boat Show. Even the trailers on some of these where one of a kind.
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>> Ah yes, yet another interesting little fact/question on our beloved boats!
>> With respect to your question about white gunwales on the 16-foot Evinrude
>> hulls:
>> My guess is you are talking about the cover shot of the Sweet 16 running
>> the 90-S on the 1965 MOTORS brochure:
>> The answer is yes. The original 1964 introduction of the Sweet and Sport
>> 16 outboards had the deck gel color (blur or gray) extending down the
>> sides to the rub or spray molding rail and also over the brow on the bow.
>> As either a running change or a model year change the "1965"
>> Sweet/Sport-16 ran the "white" gel up the sides to meet at the horizonal
>> surface. But the more interesting variation is the bow treatment above the
>> rub rail. Some remain dark while some were white. Also, the cutoff for
>> this change isn't real clear. Some boats that people think were registered
>> as 1965 models, may have been leftover 1964 models, or they may have just
>> been incorporated as "running" change.
>> In my opinion this was done to give the illusion of more freeboard, rather
>> than better looks. The 66 and 67 model Sportsmans continued with white
>> sides and white brows at the bow.
>> When the upper deck molding changed with the 68 models, they used a dark
>> navy blue side above and below the rail.
>> That gave way to a red/blue combination treatment on the 69 - 70 models.
>> Hope this makes sense.
>> Lee Shuster
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>>>> Over at they like to use JEGO for
>>>> Johnson/Evinrude/Gale/OMC as they are typically talking about older
>>>> outboards, not stringer sterndrives. see:
>>>Thanks! I've added this link to my site. The JEGO page also has a
>>>link to which is replete with old catalogs.
>>>The 1965 Evinrude engine catalog;
>>>Shows a Sweet '16 with white gunwales -- did boats ever come from
>>>the factory like this?
>>>> Note: Us old farts remember when Gale was another badge-engineered brand
>>>> of
>>>> OMC outboard and later the Parts & Accessory Division of Outboard Marine
>>>> Corporation.
>>>I was born in '61, and they stopped using the gale name around then,
>>>so at least I'm not an old fart in one part of my life!
>>>I've never tried to make a list of engine model numbers, but
>>>I do note them on my boat models list when people send them to me:
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