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My floor had an extra piece of plywood under it near the stern. It was
almost full width and about 2 ft long - basically the size of the motor
well area. I assume that this was there for extra strength where weight
would always be present (battery and outboard fuel tank). I also wonder if
it is because the hull was the same for outboard and sterndrive models.
 The sterndrives must have stronger stringers though . . . Does anyone
know if their floor was similar - whether outboard or sterndrive?

- Greg

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I am at the same point and hull is "empty" I have some good photos as
well. I did it early this summer then well you know ....time flies....
 Anyway I am thinking 4 lb as well. I just want to be sure as my 14' has
no structural stringers only the foam and floor. It is an outboard so that
may make a difference in the original design and the need for floor

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> Tom,
> I've just done the same thing. I separated the top deck from the hull
> then stripped everything off. My floor was absolutely rotten to the
> of crumbling into little bits when I tried pulling it up. I ended up
> a flat shovel for most of it. The foam underneath was cracked in many
> places. It wasn't heavily saturated with water, but it had "layers" of
> water in areas and "spots" where there had been fasteners in the floor.
> even ended up cutting open the top of the stringers to remove the foam
> because they had some water inside as well. There was a layer about 1/2"
> thick on most of the sides and bottom.
> Right now my hull is completely empty of any foam. It's very flexible in
> this state and I can see how the foam is integral to it's structural
> design. I'm researching in my area for foam product and technique
> as well as plywood. There's a fibreglass shop next door to my work so
> going to go and pay them a visit. I might be lucky and get a deal for
> to do the foaming and glassing work. At the least I should get some good
> advice.
> Here's a link to the foam that David Hanson used for his project. We
> the 4lb foam due to the structural requirements.
> BTW - I have taken a lot of pictures of the work so far. When it's all
> done I might have a good collection to send to Phil for a "Floor and foam
> replacement gallery".
> Regards,
> Greg
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