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An E/J/O regatta sounds like a great idea, Lee. Only problem is Utah is one
heck of a drive from Michigan. I guess if we were real buffs, we'd gather
outside the old factories where the boats were built then run them on the
same lakes they were tested/developed on.

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> It made my day to read the great story, as told by Mike Julien, of Grand
Rapids, MI on their new-found homes for their '68 and '69 Sportsmans.
> Hopefully, Mike and brother Doug are members of this list, if not perhaps
Phil can pass this along?
> I really enjoyed seeing the pictures in the water of the two boats, their
owners and family and friends enjoying the maiden voyage(s).
> A couple of weeks ago I was able to fulfill a dream and that was having my
82-year-old father fly from Ohio to Utah to enjoy his first ride in my 66
Sportsman. In the sixties, our family "made-do" with a Larson
"All-American," with a V-4 75hp Evinrude. Our unfilled-dreamboat was the
Sportsman and it was really fun to get us two old farts out on the water
again. We hadn't done that together since the 70's!
> The comparison of the 68 vs 69 Sporty is especially interesting in the
water. The 4-inch deeper deadrise really lifts the bow up out of the water,
making it much less exciting for unwary bow riders, at slow speed in a
moderate chop!
> Above the rub-rail, both boats share the "new-for-68" deck, which featured
the "gull-wing" engine access covers, hinged in the middle.
> This revised deck provided better aft and "over-the-transom" water
protection, compared to the 64-67 Sportsmans, Sports and Sweet-16's.
> The early Sporty's decks in the hind quarters, close to the water, almost
bass-boat like, but they can work their bilge pumps, if you're trying to
back away from the dock or trailer in a moderate sea.
> After nearly 40 years, it's very interesting to see how close these two
boats actually are. Since the 69's improved hull was supposed to be 8 to 10
percent faaster (Evinrude's claim), we'll have to wonder what the results
woud be if the two Captains, drove each other's boat? I also wonder about
on-board weight of gear, fuel, etc? And prop pitches?
> Anyways, get story, keep us abreast of further fun!
> Say that gets me thinkin'? We should organize a regional or national meet,
wouldn't it be great to see a dozen or more E/J/O boats in one gathering?
Any ideas for a cool gathering spot?
> Lee Shuster
> Salt Lake City, Utah
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