Re: [omc-boats] short shaft drive on Rogue II

From: Jørgen Hansen <jph@...>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 22:41:43 +0200

Lee Shuster
Tacks for your reply - I was not aware of the different in mounting between the 2 types of drive. It seems as I have 2 major problems to solve: First as you described - to completely reinforce and glass over the existing transom aperature. Secondly to solve the problem of going from a long to a short shaft drive.

Your homepage is an inspiration - even when you write "Converting over to a newer MercCruiser or Volvo SX would be considerably more difficult, requiring extensive fiberglass reinforcement to the Sportsman's transom and hull" - that scares me ! - but unfortunately I do not have the same access to engines, drives and spare parts as you in the US. It's a really pain to see an engine being unable to reach 12 $ on Ebay.

Well - I do not have any choice - so I will go for the converting to a Volvo SX. I will keep you posted - and hope for your help when I get stock on a problem -:)


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