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The shape of the glass and plastic windshields are basically the same
(compound curves), but the Evinrude glass ones have a much more robust
metal frame (like that of a convertible car). I found my ID plate fastened
to the floor near the stern. I have no idea if this was the original
location. The plate was very scratched up so I think it was there for some
time anyway.

BTW - I just noticed a spelling mistake in my original post: Slamon Arm
should be Salmon Arm - so named after the Salmon River that enters this
particular arm of Shuswap Lake . . . it's got nothing to do with unusual
appendages of salmon. :-)


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Hi Greg,
My Sweet 16 has a plastic windshield as well. Do the glass and plastic ones
look pretty much the same? I bought the boat several years ago here in
Ottawa, Ontario. I've been unable to find a year or model plate on it - I
suspect it has been removed, but if anyone can tell me specifically where
look I'll have another go at it.

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it sounds like your boat is a Johnson Seahorse Deluxe 16 (the sister to the
Evinrude Sweet 16). That's the same as my boat, and I'm about to finally
start the restoration on her. I'll try to take a look at my bow cleat
strut and see what's involved in the removal. I don't think there's any
problem with mine. I think it'll just unbolt normally.

I don't recall if you've posted "your story" about replacing the foam,
floor and transom to the list. If you haven't done so, I'd like to hear
what you did, what you used, and how well it all worked. I'll be doing the
foam and floor and maybe the transom (it seems fairly rigid, but I think
there's some rot in it).

Also . . . I recently spent some time with my family near Slamon Arm on
Shuswap Lake, BC (THE houseboating lake capital in Canada). I found an
Evinrude Sweet 16 tied to a floating dock. It's got the Evinrude badging
and a Starflite motor, but it has the plastic windshield like my Johnson.
 I wonder if all the Canadian model Sweet 16's had the plastic windshields?
 All the Canadian one's on the OMC site gallery appear to. Unfortunately,
I couldn't get close enough to look for a model number. However, I may
still be able to contact the owner with any luck. Phil has added the
photos to the Sweet 16 gallery.

Regards to all,

Greg Van Vliet

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I have a 64 Johnson O/B Runabout that I have completely torn apart in my
garage. I have replaced the foam, floor and transom. I now need to remove
the strut that conects the bow lifting cleat to the bottom of the hull.
 Has anyone done this? The problem is, that presure has pushed the base of
the strut almost all of the way through the bottom of the hull. I have
ground out the protrution on outside of the hull, but I am afraid that I
will blow all of the way through the hull if I keep going. An alternative
that I thought of was to just saw off the base of the strut as low as I can
and then build a new base for it and fiberglass it to the floor.


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