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I forgot to say that we spent a week on Shuswap a couple of years ago. What
a wonderful lake.

Karl in Aberdeen
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> Karl,
> it sounds like your boat is a Johnson Seahorse Deluxe 16 (the sister to
> the
> Evinrude Sweet 16). That's the same as my boat, and I'm about to finally
> start the restoration on her. I'll try to take a look at my bow cleat
> strut and see what's involved in the removal. I don't think there's any
> problem with mine. I think it'll just unbolt normally.
> I don't recall if you've posted "your story" about replacing the foam,
> floor and transom to the list. If you haven't done so, I'd like to hear
> what you did, what you used, and how well it all worked. I'll be doing
> the
> foam and floor and maybe the transom (it seems fairly rigid, but I think
> there's some rot in it).
> Also . . . I recently spent some time with my family near Slamon Arm on
> Shuswap Lake, BC (THE houseboating lake capital in Canada). I found an
> Evinrude Sweet 16 tied to a floating dock. It's got the Evinrude badging
> and a Starflite motor, but it has the plastic windshield like my Johnson.
> I wonder if all the Canadian model Sweet 16's had the plastic windshields?
> All the Canadian one's on the OMC site gallery appear to. Unfortunately,
> I couldn't get close enough to look for a model number. However, I may
> still be able to contact the owner with any luck. Phil has added the
> photos to the Sweet 16 gallery.
> Regards to all,
> Greg Van Vliet
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> I have a 64 Johnson O/B Runabout that I have completely torn apart in my
> garage. I have replaced the foam, floor and transom. I now need to
> remove
> the strut that conects the bow lifting cleat to the bottom of the hull.
> Has anyone done this? The problem is, that presure has pushed the base of
> the strut almost all of the way through the bottom of the hull. I have
> ground out the protrution on outside of the hull, but I am afraid that I
> will blow all of the way through the hull if I keep going. An alternative
> that I thought of was to just saw off the base of the strut as low as I
> can
> and then build a new base for it and fiberglass it to the floor.
> Thanks,
> Karl in Washington << File: ATT00000.html >>
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