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> The funny part is that the people from Sweden are going to Denmark for
> cheap beers, and we go to Germany for the same reason. Actually - I live
> in the Copenhagen area and have used the bridge quite sometimes shopping
> in Sweden . I just have a small cottage on the island. And you are
> absolutely right - we have some excellent boarding water in Denmark -
> particularly in the southern part where we have quite a large number of
> small islands.
> I really appreciate your advice on the mooring cover. It seems as I will
> be better off having a custom-made cover -thank you so much.
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>> Given beer is so cheap in Denmark the guys in Landskrona, Sweden drive
>> there
>> to buy it, that's an incredible deal, Joergen! Since you're in southern
>> Denmark, I presume you don't get out to drive under that magnificent
>> bridge
>> in the north much, but it look liked some magnificent boating waters when
>> I
>> was there.
>> Re the mooring cover, we found a custom cover for our Reveler worked much
>> better than the factory original. The original stopped short of the rub
>> rail and had adjustible plastic clips that secured to the rub rail. They
>> always loosened, broke, came off, etc., plus the concentrated stress
>> points
>> tended to rip the canvas prematurely. As original owners, we went
>> through 2
>> OE covers (from Pinkerton Awning Co. in Ohio, if I remember right) before
>> my
>> Dad had a custom cover made that extended below the rub rail and secured
>> with snap fittings plus a drawstring. Much more robust and no troubles
>> since. If there's a decent custom canvas shop that's not too expensive,
>> that's the route I'd go. Alternately, you might try one of the mail
>> order "standard" sizes and see if you get lucky.
>> Good luck!
>> On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 07:55:23 +0200, Jørgen Hansen wrote
>>> I just got my OMC-boat some weeks ago. I got the boat on a small
>>> island in the southern Denmark with 143 inhabitants - we have a
>>> small cottage there. A guy from Copenhagen left the boat on the
>>> island some 10 - 15 years ago after having engine trouble. He never
>>> came back for it, and I found it in the backyard of the
>>> harbourmaster. Got it for 3 beers !
>>> This mail-list has already been very helpful to me - so here is my
>>> small contribution: I have placed copies of the Owner Manual, Parts
>>> Catalog and Boat and Trailer Accessories Parts Catalog on my website
>>> for download. I have also send them to Phil on
>>> so that he can put them on the website.
>>> By the way - I am still in bad need for at mooring cover for a 1969
>>> Evinrude Rogue II if any one wants to sell.
>>> Joergen
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