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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:06:37 -0600

Given beer is so cheap in Denmark the guys in Landskrona, Sweden drive there
to buy it, that's an incredible deal, Joergen! Since you're in southern
Denmark, I presume you don't get out to drive under that magnificent bridge
in the north much, but it look liked some magnificent boating waters when I
was there.

Re the mooring cover, we found a custom cover for our Reveler worked much
better than the factory original. The original stopped short of the rub
rail and had adjustible plastic clips that secured to the rub rail. They
always loosened, broke, came off, etc., plus the concentrated stress points
tended to rip the canvas prematurely. As original owners, we went through 2
OE covers (from Pinkerton Awning Co. in Ohio, if I remember right) before my
Dad had a custom cover made that extended below the rub rail and secured
with snap fittings plus a drawstring. Much more robust and no troubles
since. If there's a decent custom canvas shop that's not too expensive,
that's the route I'd go. Alternately, you might try one of the mail
order "standard" sizes and see if you get lucky.

Good luck!

On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 07:55:23 +0200, Jørgen Hansen wrote
> I just got my OMC-boat some weeks ago. I got the boat on a small
> island in the southern Denmark with 143 inhabitants - we have a
> small cottage there. A guy from Copenhagen left the boat on the
> island some 10 - 15 years ago after having engine trouble. He never
> came back for it, and I found it in the backyard of the
> harbourmaster. Got it for 3 beers !
> This mail-list has already been very helpful to me - so here is my
> small contribution: I have placed copies of the Owner Manual, Parts
> Catalog and Boat and Trailer Accessories Parts Catalog on my website
> for download. I have also send them to Phil on
> so that he can put them on the website.
> By the way - I am still in bad need for at mooring cover for a 1969
> Evinrude Rogue II if any one wants to sell.
> Joergen
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