RE: [omc-boats] How to check stringers/foam?

From: David A. Avedesian, PE, RPA <david.avedesian@...>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 18:56:03 -0400


I own a 1965 Sweet 16 outboard model.

Generally there is never a question regarding whether you have water or not.
If you have water under the floor boards, the boat is very heavy and sits
very low in the water in the stern.

I believe the easiest and effective way to check is to use a hole-saw
perhaps 3" to 5" in diameter and drill through the floor in the center in
front of the rear combing.

The floor board is about 1/2" thick and there is nothing under the center
line of the boat from a structural point of view.

As soon as you remove the round plug, you will know by the odor. The second
way to determine is to push your finger into the foam. If it squeezes
water, than you have a problem.

I have found that when it comes to water under the floor boards, you will
never be sort-a-pregnant. It will either be zero or flooding.

If you are dry, then mix up a small amount of epoxy (West System is what I
have used) and a layer of tri-axial cloth. Tri-axial is strong in three
directions and you can use one layer.

This may be more information than you wanted but I have asked this question
a couple of times. If you would like more, feel free to ask.

David Avedesian
Silver Spring, MD
Near Your Nation's Capital

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I've seen a lot of traffic on this list about the state of the foam and
stringers underneath the floor.

Does anybody have any sage advice as to how one would go about checking the
status of such things? In particular, can it be done without cutting holes?
and if one has to cut a hole, where should such be cut to maximize the
benefits and minimize the problems?



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