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<< > Now my question - I'm told the pump is no longer available; The local guy
> has found a new OEM pump for $300; and says that he doesn't have access
> to anything else. So for him to do it that's the price.
> Does this seem reasonable? Boat is 37 years old, but at least from what >>

I'm surprised that there isn't a re-build kit for the fuel pump.

The original fuel pump has a bowl with filters and seperates water from the
I'd hang on to that original pump just in case a kit is available.

You might be able to buy an automotive fuel pump for the Kaiser/Jeep/Buick
engine and take parts from it to rebuild the original one.

$300 is rediculous.

By the way, don't discard the original bilge pump blower unit either, that
can be re-wound in an electric motor shop - or possibly you can replace it
a GM blower motor available at auto parts stores for about $15. Maybe not,
as it has shafts out both ends - one for the bilge pump, and the other for the
blower. Re-building it seems to be the best route there.

I've had quite a few lookers at the 1970 Johnson Surfer auction - no bidders

Lee Hazen
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