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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 19:31:24 -0600

Why not try an electric fuel pump?
Very easy to hook up and you can pump right through the old one.

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Ok.. Just took my Seasport-II into the shop to have it checked out and

Good news is it seems to be in good shape, bad news is that the fuel pump
diapham has a hole.

So... new fuel pump.

the local guy has a pretty good lock on the market - he's it in about a 45
mile radius. Gotta drive an hour to go elsewhere.

Now my question - I'm told the pump is no longer available; The local guy
has found a new OEM pump for $300; and says that he doesn't have access to
anything else. So for him to do it that's the price.

Does this seem reasonable? Boat is 37 years old, but at least from what I've
seen the engine/outdrive was used for quite a while.

I'm wondering if a second opinion is needed here.



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