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Good Luck on the drying out. I am in Phoenix and it didn't dry out over a summer. My boat weighed in 1,000 lbs heavier because of the saturated foam. I dug it out and replaced the floor with plywood. Next I cut out three or four piece ( can't remember exactly how many we need to fill the entire area) of the floor. The foam comes in a liquid state. After you pour the foam in you need to seal the floor back with the pieces you cut out and fiberglass them in. The fiberglass will set up and hold before the liquid expands to make the foam filler. You will need someone to help you.

Good Luck


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  I would leave the foam and let it air out. I understand it was put in under extreme pressure. There is an Evirude brochure on gullwing that talks about it. It is


  Boat ads/literature/brochures dated 1/1/2006 Scroll down and the brochures actually shopws the manufacturing and assembly process in the plant. It helped me a lot.


  Mine took about 2-3 weeks to dry out completely. Near the end I put a small fan in it and let it run when I was home for air circulation etc.


  I'm guessing the foam is structural for the flooring. Did yours have inch plywood floor with about 4 inch pieces underneath the seams running across for seaming the floor?


  Cant help with the inboard issue as mine is an outboard..


  Hope this helps!


  We should send each other pictures so we can see our progress.



  Charlotte- NC









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  Well I took out the floor and started getting rid of the foam. It doesnt seem that bad so im probably going to keep her. I cant believe the weight of the foam. Is there foam under the motor too? Will I have to refoam for structural reasons, or is it just a safety issue?

  Also the tilt gears are binding when it is going up. Anybody have any similar problems?


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