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From: Glenn Halweg <glennhalweg@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:46:13 -0500

I'm supposed to have it moved by the 1st and the engine on my tow vehicle just started blowing white smoke and has no power.
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  Rats Glenn! you caught me short - not on money, but room! I just got word last Friday that the place I am storing my four OMC's and a 21' Raven has been sold and I have until this weekend to get them out of there - and of course no place to put them all - sounds like a very good deal you are offering so you should not have a problem and I hope it's to one of our guys! I don't presently have a Rogue, but loved the last one I had. Dave

  Glenn Halweg wrote:
    Due to a series of misfortunes and other circumstances I have to let my 1968 Rogue go.
    If anyone here is interested 1968 Rogue and 2003 Shoreland'r trailer $1000.00. Trailer
    is 3100 LBS with disc brakes less than 400 miles. NADA on the trailer is $2200.
    Thought I would mention it here before I list on eBay.


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