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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 15:13:21 -0700

I thought I'd take this opportunity to lament the fact that I live in
Washington state, and if the boat weren't so far away I'd buy it right now.
Anybody heading out west this summer and would be willing to tow a boat with
Other interesting items this weekend: Yesterday my ignition system died on
the river, so I drifted with no control until a very nice family towed me 3
miles back to the launch. Needless to say, after replacing the coil, points
and condenser, all is right with the old Seasport. Another thing is
yesterday I spotted in a field next to my grandparents about a 64 or 65
Sportsman Outboard model with original trailer. It's been in the field for
about 10 years, I'm trying to find out who owns it and will try and buy it
for very little since it's not getting any love in that field. The interior
is gone, all that is left is the floor and the old bifold windshield, hull
looks good but very dirty, it has a Johnson 70hp 3 cyl. hanging on it. I'm
mainly excited about the trailer, but might get the boat up and running too.
If it turns out to be too much, I'll part the boat out to the membership.

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> I hate to say it, but my 71 Johnson Surfer is still sitting in my yard and
> is
> available for the Best offer. This one has a water in the oil problem.
> Good
> outdrive. Original seats in fair condition. All hardware, stereo, depth
> finder,
> original Johnson Trailer. Stainless prop. Ball gears are 50% worn.
> JW Corry drove up here from Texas this weekend to buy it and he decided
> that it was going to be a bigger project than he was willing to tackle, so
> he
> went back with no boat. What a nice guy ! His daughter and nephew rode
> up
> with him in his 4 door pickup. I hope they got to see the sights in
> Nashville
> before they headed back.
> I'm willing to take a loss from the $1,300 total I have invested, so any
> reasonable
> and maybe an unreasonable offer will be considered.
> Photos are in photo section - taken 2 years ago, the day I got the boat.
> It's got
> a lot of leaves in it now, so is not as pristine.
> Good tires on the trailer and a new spare tire on the original wheel.
> Come an' git it !
> Lee Hazen
> Hendersonville, TN - just NE of Nashville
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