Re: [omc-boats] Another Late model surfer

From: LeeHazen@...
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 17:32:01 EDT

I hate to say it, but my 71 Johnson Surfer is still sitting in my yard and is
available for the Best offer. This one has a water in the oil problem. Good
outdrive. Original seats in fair condition. All hardware, stereo, depth
original Johnson Trailer. Stainless prop. Ball gears are 50% worn.

JW Corry drove up here from Texas this weekend to buy it and he decided
that it was going to be a bigger project than he was willing to tackle, so he
went back with no boat. What a nice guy ! His daughter and nephew rode up
with him in his 4 door pickup. I hope they got to see the sights in Nashville
before they headed back.

I'm willing to take a loss from the $1,300 total I have invested, so any
and maybe an unreasonable offer will be considered.

Photos are in photo section - taken 2 years ago, the day I got the boat.
It's got
a lot of leaves in it now, so is not as pristine.

Good tires on the trailer and a new spare tire on the original wheel.

Come an' git it !

Lee Hazen
Hendersonville, TN - just NE of Nashville
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