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From: Zach Stanley <zachstanley@...>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 02:35:31 +0800

Hey Lee, great idea.

Our 1970 Seasport 155 has an orange rubrail - might have been red at one
time, not sure. It's tired as can be and I would love to replace it. I
haven't found anything close. Keep me posted.


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Has anyone else been looking for replacement extruded rubber gaskets or
vinyl rub rails for their E/J/O boats? Finding a match ain’t easy, let me
tell ya.

My ‘66 Sportsman needs the motor hatch gasket replaced. Kelly Woods who
runs the website has forged a member discount with of Canoga Park, CA. BTW, if you haven’t already
joined Do it! It’s money well spent. Kelly runs a
great site.

I just spoke with Wefco and they have over 9000 rubber gasket patterns
available. Minimum order is $25.00. Typical rubber gaskets retail for $2
or $3 a foot. I’d estimate my engine cover will use about 15 to 20 feet.
Anyone else need 66 – 67 I/O engine hatch gaskets? I’m guessing this
would apply to Playmate/Caprice, Sportsman/Reveler, possibly early
Rogue/Surfers? You guys with 17-ft Deluxes might also use this type

These “early” type motor hatches externally expose the gasket, as it
seals (water/noise) to the top desk surface. (Later models recessed and
attached the gasket internally inside a channel that was part of the
deck. This helped protect the gasket from harmful elements, especially UV
from the sun.)

Wefco Rubber told me the best thing to do is send them a small sample and
they’ll either match it closely or quote an “affordable” setup fee to
create an exact extruded profile match. A custom job probably only makes
sense for a minimum 250-foot run, or suitable for about 10 E/J/O boats.
I’m sending in a small sample of my engine hatch gasket to determine if
they already have a close match.

They also do vinyl rub rails, but getting them done in (65-66) red or
(67-later) blue (as opposed to white, black or gray) might be
prohibitive, unless several people bought in. (Minimum color batches
require 250 pounds of vinyl material – that’s a lot of rub rail!) Anyone
ever checked to see if our boats have any commonality on rub rails across
years and models?

Lee Shuster

Salt Lake City

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