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From: David <odin@...>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:03:53 -0600

Paul, This is Dave from Red Wing Minnesota - wondering where you are
located since you had the same foot of snow I did! Dave

Lee Shuster (L1hhs) wrote:

>Hi Paul,
>Sorry we didn't get to meet last summer when I was in the Twin Cities
>for a weekend visiting my son.
>Just a couple of suggestions on your navigation light issues:
>1) Have you thought of using the flat stern nameplate "space" to mount a
>recessed "circular" aft-facing sternlight. My boat is also missing the
>"Sportsman" nameplate (66's read 150, while 67's read 155) I've toyed
>with the idea of using the space for a sternlight or using for a boat
>name. Just have to think up a good name.
>2) Also regarding the bowlight bracket: You might want to consider
>mounting a small combo (green/red) navigation light just ahead of the
>cleat. I noticed that Bill Green's 67 Sportsman has this mod. It makes
>it a lot more convenient than having to stop and get the "snakehead"
>pole out of the clips, insert it, and fiddle with the wiring plug. I
>plan on doing this, for safety's sake.
>See attached file: nav_light.jpg
>Let us know how the carb/manifold conversion works out. (Don't forget
>the newer of the two carbs has the leaner main jets installed). One
>great thing about Holley's products is they are well supported.
>Lee Shuster
>Salt Lake City
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>Hello All,
>We have had about a foot of snow the last week so boating looks even
>off than it actually is. Not too early to tinker around though.
>Last spring I noticed that the Evinrude Sportsman name plate on the back
>the engine hood was a bit loose around the edges. I made the judgment
>this was one of those things that had probably been that way forever and
>trying to pry it off and reattach it was only likely to make things
>Of course it fell off within a couple of weeks, somewhere between here
>there. Does anyone have a lead on one, a parts boat perhaps? I have
>the 66
>Sportsman, so I think the 63-67 models would apply.
>I also need a bracket for the bow light. I have one but it has been
>back together, victim apparently of a seemingly obvious design issue;
>the split windshield, smack the bow light, break the bracket.
>I am also going to change out the manifold and install the 4 barrel
>carb. I
>purchased from Lee last year. I also purchased an HEI from Lee and I
>importantly my wife) was very happy with the improved starting power.
>I'm even allowed on the lake at night!
>I think it added some zip as well, but I was running a different prop so
>couldn't be sure.
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