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I don't think Dave is a typical Minnesotan, most would be chopping a hole through the ice to fish. The others would be breaking ice to mix in glasses.
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  You Minnesotans are a hardy lot!


  Lee Shuster

  Salt Lake City


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  Hey wait a minute, I'm here in Minnesota and just spent a wonderful day on the Mississippi - broke a little ice, stopped for cook out, cruised down to Lake Pepin - Ah yes, winter boating at it's best! Dave

  Glenn Halweg wrote:

  Hi Paul,


  Everybody must be hibernating! Last week was around 0 degree's here in Northern Illinois. Not much boating going on!




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    Is there anybody out there? I haven't received any messages since January. I guess I'll find out if there are issues with the list serve if I don't hear from anyone. Paul



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    I recently updated the following webpages to clarify which propeller part numbers

    must be used with 1964 to 1966 OMC stern drives of 120, 150 and 200 hp.

    These models require the use of the aluminum "tapered hub"-style prop, of 14.25-inch diameter, to clear the
    exhaust outlet. The later style "straight-hub," 14.00-inch diameter will not clear the 1964 - 1966 models.


    Hope everyone's having a good start to the new year.


    Lee Shuster

    Salt Lake City







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