Re: [omc-boats] where is the red line?

From: David <odin@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:58:45 -0500

The red line depends a lot on your prop - pitch and condition - use the rule
I do - if it sounds and feels good - do it. Full bore starts are fine - I
always crank her up until on a plane - then trottle back until the speed and
engine noise make my little heart happy. Dave

Paige wrote:

> Well after three years of trial and error I have finally started using
> my 1969 155hp I/O Johnson Reveler. It made it off the trailer, into the
> water, and around the lake at trolling and cruising speeds, we even
> dragged some fools around on skiis for the day.
> My question, the speedometer, how accurate is it? We had it up near 24
> (mph/knots?) but I was really watching the tach instead. When getting
> the skiier up I do full throttle until the boat comes on plane and then
> ease off to just under 4000 rpm. It is a good clip for a slalom skiier,
> the motor does handle it very well. After dumping so much time and
> money into the boat I am bound and determined to use it for what we
> enjoy most, getting our arms pulled out by the sockets and healthy doses
> of lake water in our orifices.
> I do not want to stress the motor or lower unit with too many full
> throttle starts but it is a ski boat after all, the block is seasoned,
> and all is in good working order.
> So, where is the red line on my tach? Is it ok to be cranking along at
> 4000 rpms?
> I could not be more happy that my old boat is afloat and running well,
> love it.
> She is the most quiet ski boat on the lake, purrs like a kitty.
> Thanks, Paige
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