Re: [omc-boats] Re:Evinrude "Explorer" & Surfer update

From: LeeHazen@...
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 14:10:50 EDT

Thanks for the tips Dave. I've saved them and will print them out and put
with the other information for the boat.

I now wish I hadn't bought the boat. I saw it parked in front of a duplex and
my heart went out to it. I've had a Chris Craft Dolphin - just like new -
I re-sold after I decided it was too nice to leave in the lake at the dock.
was so big and heavy and long that putting it in the garage was quite a

Here on Old hickory lake, algae will grow on the hull in time slowing the boat
down. The Surfer has obviously never spent any time in a lake as the hull
is clean as a new one. I'd hate to spoil it by leaving it in yet I'd hate to
to deal with pulling it out at the end of a day's use. It's so much nicer to
just be able to go down and hop in a boat.

My Seasport 155 had a custom cover with center post that I could put on in
5 minutes. That boat eventually had a water in the oil problem and I sold it.

I've had a pontoon boat for about 6 years now and it is very convenient for me
to take friends out for a nice slow sunset cruise. It will run about 25 mph
needed, but I seldom run it wide open other than to exercise it. I do that at
least once each time I take it out.

If I had the money, I'd swap the engine at Grooms engine exchange in
Nashville for another 307. I wonder if a 350 will fit in ? They are more
common, I think.

But, since I don't have the money now, I guess I'll just have to find someone
who wants a nice old boat needing an engine. The out drive is fine. It
has a nice depth finder and stereo system as well. I have my custom seat
covers from the Seasport that protect the main seats from the sun and rain.

I'm in to the boat for about $1,350 now. And, I'm open to offers if anyone
wants to take it on. It has good tires, mag wheels and an original wheel with
new heavy duty tire on it (tire cost me $75) for a spare. That Johnson
is really strong and it has surge brakes (needing servicing).

Lee Hazen
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