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From: David <odin@...>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 10:31:01 -0500

Lee, Have you done a compression check? I would suspect a bad head gasket, or
worse yet a cracked head. I have a cracked head on a V6 and the damn thing would
not leak until the engine was hot - and the compression showed a little low, but
not enough to draw my attention to it. I eventually pulled the heads and carefully
inspected them - found the crack, got a new head and all is well. While on the
subject, I also had another V6 with a cracked head - small one between the intake
and exhaust (same cylinder) that did the same thing - only leaked after the engine
was hot - it would jump up on plane just fine, then after about a mile of running
it would slowly lose power and eventually even fall off from plane - My thought is
that if you have a small crack in the head or a very small leak in a gasket just
running water through may not be enough - I am wondering if you can't pull the two
water hoses running from the engine to the sterndrive intermeadiate housing - plug
one and then put a pump on the other and pump it up to about 50 or 60 pounds - I
would think any leak would show up then.

Another thing you need to watch for, testing either way, is that should the water
go into the cylinder you need to be sure the spark plugs are pulled so you don't
bend a rod when you turn it over. One engines that I have had with cracked blocks,
on both the V6 and the V8 blocks, the cracks (from freezing) were always on the
inside under the intake manifold - you could have a very small one there -
hopefully they checked that when they replaced you intake manifold gaskets. Dave

LeeHazen@... wrote:

> First time I've ever seen that model. Very unusual cockpit arrangement.
> Lots of room behind front seats for putting stuff found while "exploring".
> I wonder about front leg room though.
> My Johnson "Surfer" is back home after having the intake manifold removed,
> inspected and re-installed. $243 later, I'm no further along in solving my
> problem with the water in the oil. That's because I've not had time to work
> on it.
> I do have the flush adapter for the outdrive pivot and plan to hook water up,
> and let it run through the engine and monitor the oil drain to see if any
> water
> comes out.
> If not, then I'll put used oil and engine flush in and run the engine and let
> it
> warm up and check for evidence of water in the oil. If no water, then I'll
> drain the oil, replace the filter and put fresh oil in the engine and hope for
> the best. If water is found, I'll just sell the boat for parts.
> I'm getting too old for this. My pontoon boat will have to do for my lake
> excursions from now on. It's been very good the last 5 years and since I
> replaced the floor with composite deck boards, it looks very nice and will
> never rot or deteriorate again.
> My boat's name says it all - - "SERENITY NOW ! " (from an episode of
> Seinfeld)
> Lee Hazen
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