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Hi Phil,

Nice job on the JavaScript, Phil! Sorry, but I had a typo in the text file
that placed an extra zero on the Altitude compensator, my bad.
It should have said 4 percent loss in horsepower for every 1,000 feet (not
evry 10,000 feet). (The spreadsheet was correct.)

I'm attaching a corrected script. speed_alt_fix.htm file.

I also had a go at JavaScript today with help from an associate at work. Our
efforts are remarable similar! I've posted my results at:

You can still download the Excel file, but the new JavaScript-based
calculator should run across more browsers.

As you mentioned, I programmed the engine efficiency for 4-stroke I/O's.
Those running 2-stroke outboards can compensate by using a slightly higher
hull efficiency factor. Or we can tweak the Javascript for an "outboard"
pull-down choice sometime in the future.

Lee Shuster

PS -- We ran the calculator on a variety of friends' boats and jet skiis
today at work. It's amazingly accurate.

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> Lee Shuster wrote:
>> So here's the actual Excel file, for those of you who have the ability
>> to read *.xls spreadsheets. If anyone out ther can write a javascript or
>> perlscript version of the calculator, please let me know?
> Perl would require a server that can execute "CGI" scripts. Since I
> know hot to use Perl, and know I hate it, and I've just been learning
> a bit about Javascript, I thought I'd give it a whirl. This is the
> first page I've done from scratch.
> I have some ideas on making it fancier:
> plotting speed vs. passengers
> "popup" with various OB and I/O engine choices
> (automatically adding in weight,
> and de-rated HP depending on stern vs OB)
> But since I'm going away for the rest of the week, I thought I'd share
> what I have:
> The only formula I'd ever seen was for displacement hull speed, so I
> did a bit of googling looking for information on planing hulls. The
> best page I found on the topic is:
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