Re: [omc-boats] fuel filters

From: David <odin@...>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 14:43:16 -0500

While on the subject of fuel - having owned over 15 OMC's and having put
in more running hours than I can remember - I have had just about
everything happen. Over the years I have had two boats explode - one due
to a pump leak and the other due to a rupture in the flexible fuel line
- in each case gas leaked into the engine compartment - the one thing
you learn from this is that using the blower to vent the engine
compartment is a bunch of crap - all that does when you have a gas leak
is to bring in lots of oxygen to really improve the explosion! So, the
lesson is to carefully, and regularly check the entire fuel system - I
now replace all the old flexible lines right away - Oh, and fire
extinguishers work great - in each case I was able to quickly extinguish
the fire and very little damage occurred - so now I don't get in a boat
without making sure extinguishers are on board. Dave

Glenn Halweg wrote:

> Hello Group! Anybody tried running their GM V-8 without the fuel pump
> fuel filter? I can't find anyone local that stocks the ac 381690
> filter. Various places online have it for about $4 but shipping is $5
> or more. I'm thinking of putting an inline fuel filter in and leaving
> the filter out of the bowl. Will this cause any problems? Glenn

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