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I have an 1967 Evinrude Sportsman with the original trailer. I purchased it
in Arkansas and towed it back to California. I did have some trouble with
fishtailing, but I attributed it to uneven tire wear. I was planning on
replacing the tires, but now I wonder if that will solve the problem. Perhaps the
uneven tire wear was caused by the fishtailing. It appears that at some
point, a previous owner had increased the tongue length on the trailer. I'm
surmising that it was done to prevent the front corners of the boat from
contacting the back of the tow vehicle in sharp turns. For those not familiar with
the Sportsman model, it is almost square at the front. Skip Redman
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At this site _ ( which is
sponsored by the state of Illinois they recommend 7 to 10 %. There are also
some other interesting towing tips.

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What I find most interesting about this is the trailer tag which states 3150
lb capacity and 200 lb tongue load -- normal rule of thumb is tongue weight
= 10% of loaded trailer weight. Even old trailering literature I've read
uses the 10% rule, but obviusly Johnson never did....I wonder why? Do any of
you who have the Johnson trailers have troubles with fishtailing?

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