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I'm assuming you are asking about Gross Trailer Weight? The combined weight of the empty trailer, boat, motor, fuel and gear

The 1964-65 Evinrude catalogs listed the Sweet 16 @... 900 # (lbs) and the Sport 16 @... 920 # (lbs).

Now it gets a little trickier to get the motor, battery, gas tank, cables, and gear. Depending on your outboard the weight will vary from about 300 lbs for the big V4's (60 -100 hp) and about 200 lbs for the 40 hp twins. Add another 150 lbs for the misc gear and fuel you are likely hauling around in the boat. So far without the trailer this equals:

920 + 300 + 150 = 1370

The 16 Evinrude empty trailer weighed 600 lbs or 650 lbs with brakes.It was rated to carry a maxium load of 1900 lbs.

add loat of 1370 + 600 lbs of trailer and you are towing 1970 lbs or perhaps 10 to 15% more, depending how stuff you carry in the boat.

You can prove me wrong by running it across a truckers scale. My local truckstop charges $5.00.

Lee Shuster

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  Does anyone know or can tell me where to find the approx towing weight of my 1964 Sport 16o/b.


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