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Freeze Up - what happens when the temp drops below 32 degrees.

Tom, don't worry too much about hurting your lower unit - Aside from
when I was in engeneering at OMC, and did some testing on them, I had an
occasion two years ago to put the drive to an extreme test - it was 1:30
in the morning and I was running up the Mississippi river on a section
known as Lake Pepin - I forgot all about a rock wing dam running out
into the river from Stockholm Wisconsin - it stood about three feet out
of the water and is made of sharpe cut rock - not a smooth one on the
whole thing - I was running at about 30 mph and was about 15 feet from
the wing dam when I finally saw it - nothing to do but let her rip. If I
had tried to stop I would have ended up sitting on top of it. So, my
golden Lab and I went airborne - flew about 30 feet past the wing dam
before hitting the water again. The engine was still running and I
could hear the drive grinding - I shut it down and went to check the
drive - it was in the full up position and stuck there - I couldn't get
it down even by jumping on it - but nothing was broken or even cracked -
the unit did just what it was supposed to do - except the sticking in
the up position - So I had to jump in the river, pull the boat around
the end of the wing dam and back into shore - hitch hiked home, got the
trailer and picked the boat back up - took only five minutes to loosen
the drive enough that it would go down (then 7 hours to patch the damage
on the hull) - every thing has worked perfectly on it since.

Ben Swenson wrote:

> New to boating here.. what do you mean by "freeze up"? Thanks, Ben
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> Read the story from Lee Schuster - wow - what a great
> accomplishment. I goes to show that anything is possible if
> thought out well beforehand. -- I took the Rogue to the
> beach with me this summer - several weeks ago. We went to
> Folly Beach off Charleston,SC. I wish I had a picture of me
> trailering that boat over that huge new bridge in
> Charleston. I put it in the Folly River which is an inlet
> separating Folly Island from the mainland. The "river" is
> maybe 200 yards or so wide. We went skiing and sightseeing
> and I tangled with sandbars and oyster beds not knowing the
> channels and doing other stupid things like going out at
> wrong times with the tide. The oyster shells chewed off most
> the paint on the skeg and prop blades with no significant
> prop damage. I was pleased with the way that big old foot
> handled the abuse. The hull is tough as nails too. I found I
> could run at idle speed with the foot halfway up to decrease
> the draft of the boat to help get off the sandbars and
> oysterbeds. Heck we even went into the Atlantic ocean for a
> short way just to say we did it! You can't ski in the
> Atlantic as it is too rough! All non stainless hardware
> rusts at the ocean and I was pleased with the condition of
> the boat when we left. I was in the Waccamaw River a week or
> so earlier and hit something under the water near the edge
> of the river - there was this big boom and the foot knocked
> up out of the water proving that the clutch in the
> intermediate housing is working fine. I just lowered the
> foot and kept going. I did check the transom and motor
> mounts at the end of the day to see if anything cracked -
> all intact. I think I hit a cypress knee which is a stump
> like root of the cypress tree growing up in the water. I'm
> going to have to be more carefull! Now I am painting the
> prop and skeg - sanding out the scratches so it will look
> like new for a while. Hope all are enjoying their summer
> boating. Time to start thinking about those winter projects.
> I will be restoring the gauges and switches and doing some
> work on the seats and cockpit. Not sure when I will put it
> up for the winter - would like to get some late season
> boating in but don't want to run the risk of a freeze up.
> Best wishes to all. Tom Klauber

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