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New to boating here.. what do you mean by "freeze up"?


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  Read the story from Lee Schuster - wow - what a great accomplishment. I goes to show that anything is possible if thought out well beforehand. -- I took the Rogue to the beach with me this summer - several weeks ago. We went to Folly Beach off Charleston,SC. I wish I had a picture of me trailering that boat over that huge new bridge in Charleston. I put it in the Folly River which is an inlet separating Folly Island from the mainland. The "river" is maybe 200 yards or so wide. We went skiing and sightseeing and I tangled with sandbars and oyster beds not knowing the channels and doing other stupid things like going out at wrong times with the tide. The oyster shells chewed off most the paint on the skeg and prop blades with no significant prop damage. I was pleased with the way that big old foot handled the abuse. The hull is tough as nails too. I found I could run at idle speed with the foot halfway up to decrease the draft of the boat to help get off the sandbars and oysterbeds. Heck we even went into the Atlantic ocean for a short way just to say we did it! You can't ski in the Atlantic as it is too rough! All non stainless hardware rusts at the ocean and I was pleased with the condition of the boat when we left. I was in the Waccamaw River a week or so earlier and hit something under the water near the edge of the river - there was this big boom and the foot knocked up out of the water proving that the clutch in the intermediate housing is working fine. I just lowered the foot and kept going. I did check the transom and motor mounts at the end of the day to see if anything cracked - all intact. I think I hit a cypress knee which is a stump like root of the cypress tree growing up in the water. I'm going to have to be more carefull! Now I am painting the prop and skeg - sanding out the scratches so it will look like new for a while. Hope all are enjoying their summer boating. Time to start thinking about those winter projects. I will be restoring the gauges and switches and doing some work on the seats and cockpit. Not sure when I will put it up for the winter - would like to get some late season boating in but don't want to run the risk of a freeze up. Best wishes to all. Tom Klauber

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