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Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 10:10:08 -0400

Flow is proportional to filter size and resistance. If you think the filter
is restricting your fuel flow and you think you need the filter, try a
larger filter size. Many of the newer filters are much more efficient and
trap much smaller particles than filters from 40 years ago. Combine that
with a 40 year old fuel system that likely has a lot of debris inside and
it is quite possible the filter can substantially plug after only a short
period of operation (minutes to hours). Since filters are cheap and
relatively easy to change, I'd try an new and/or larger filter. Good luck!

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> Ok, so I managed to make a new supply line out of copper, but I don't
> a filter IN the tank anymore. As soon as the fuel exits the tank it goes
> through an inline glass filter, then to the fuel pump, then filtered again
> before entering the carb. Does anyone think I should ditch the filter
> the pump and before the carb? I had her running on the hose today and
> seemed to run fine, but the fuel flow seems lower through the filter at
> carb end. This is probably because of the extra filter. I'm going to try
> her on the lake tomorrow and see what happens. Any other suggestions on
> what I should do? Thanks!
> ~Scott
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