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<< I have a 1969 Sportsman with the V-6 and I am in need of a internal wiring
harness that goes from the rubber plug at the back of the boat to the motor
components. >>

I made a new harness for one of my Seasport 155 boats about 15 years ago.
You'll have to remove the old harness, keeping the wire length intact.

The insulation on the wires as they come out of the plug should still be
soft, so you can cut the wires about 6" from the plug and splice new wires
on. Do one wire at a time. Solder the wires together and use heat shrink
over the splice AND over the insulation down to the plug. This will keep the
remaining wire intact. Try to use the same color wires as the old ones.

Clean the socket and the male pins at the engine plug.If the plug has ever
been wet, corrosion will be evident.

Examine the wire bundle from the other plug to the front of the boat to see if
the insulation is breaking down and disintegrating. If so, you may have to
make a new harness.

IF the plug and socket are not servicable, they can be bypassed using wire
splices. Use heat shrink over the splices so they won't ever get wet. That
plug is there in case the engine has to be removed and/or replaced. I'm sure
it simplified the assembly process when the boat was first built.

Lee Hazen
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