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From: Greg Van Vliet <gvanvliet@...>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 10:13:58 -0700

I used two forklifts at my work to transfer my boat on to the trailer that
I built. I put padding (carpet pieces) over the forks of one and lifted
the hull directly at the stern, and used chains with the other forflift
postioned on the side perpendicular to the bow to lift at the front cleats.
 It worked very well. I was going to use an overhead hoist attached to all
four cleats or with slings (the way a boatyard crane would do it) but the
forklifts were handy so I used those.

I wonder if an electric four-post type garage hoist could be used?
 Winching will likely be very difficult, but possible. The typical trailer
winch is not made to pull the full unsupported weight of a boat without at
least rollers underneath. If you end up trying to pull the boat up onto a
bunk trailer it might be nearly impossible unless the trailer is severely
tilted or if the boat is supported high while on the ground (such as with
large pipes underneath it.)

I wonder if it would be possible to rent a U-Haul car tow dolly and pull
the original trailer onto it to make the dolly now act as the trailer axle
and wheels? The dolly frame/tongue would have to be securely tied to the
underside of the trailer. Of course, even if possible you could not let
U-Haul know the real intended use because they would not allow it as they
have a strict usage policy.

Best of luck Glenn.

- Greg Van Vliet

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Hello Group,

Bought a Shoreland'r trailer for my Rogue. Now have to pick the boat up.
I'm trying to decide if I should keep the old trailer or scrap it. Would
have to make two 300 mile round trips if I decide to keep it.

If anyone has any suggestions on methods to transfer boat from one trailer
to the other let me know. There are no means to lift the boat so I'm
thinking I might have to set it on the ground and winch it onto the new

Owner of garage where boat and trailer are found a 7.00 X 10 10 ply tire
that wasn't showing in his inventory. Wants $75.00 for it if anyone needs
one or is interested let me know and I'll pick it up when I retrieve my


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