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I figured I should have it at all times, but this was only after I first
started it up. If it was going out, wouldn't it stop altogether shooting
the telltale? At idle yesterday after running for a minute, the telltale
worked every time, no delay. My screen was clear, so I don't know. I'll
probably just replace the impeller anyway since I don't know when it was
last done. Has anybody replaced the impeller themselves, is it very
difficult? I like to do my own work when I can so I can spend the money on
the gas and not the labour. If anyone can walk me through the procedure in
an email that would be great! Thanks!!

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> << I had quite the scare yesterday on the lake. My telltail water relief
> (pisser) on the starboard side stopped squiting water and the temp climbed
> up to hot. >>
> You did check the intake screen for algae or debris? Sounds like the
> impeller is worn out. Don't ever start the engine without water hooked up
> to the intake. A dry impeller will overheat in seconds due to the
> friction of
> the rubber against the metal casing.
> Are you sure your hoses are hooked up correctly?
> The tell tale should always shoot a stream of water out the outdrive when
> the engine is running.
> That reminds me - my 50 hp mercury outboard is not squirting a tell tale -
> I
> think a mud dauber may have plugged it up.
> Lee Hazen
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