Re: [omc-boats] Re: Buick V6 water pump

From: Scott Veazie <scottveazie@...>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 18:39:39 -0700

I had quite the scare yesterday on the lake. My telltail water relief
(pisser) on the starboard side stopped squiting water and the temp climbed
up to hot. I shut the motor down immediately and let it cool off. I
restarted and it began to pump the stream out again, then stopped. This all
happened at the dock not moving, so I decided to move off and let the motion
of the water push it up the outdrive and see what happens. It began to cool
down to the normal range, just above half on my gauge. I stopped and let it
run in neutral for 5 minutes, all the while the telltail stream was coming
out as normal like it should. I then shut it down for about and hour and
went for a swim, restarted and everything seemed normal. Today after I
replaced the thermostat and tightened my belt, I started the engine as soon
as I was in the water, ran back and saw no stream. This time, I quickly put
her in reverse, spun it around and moved forwarded slowly, then stopped in
neutral. The stream was coming out again like it should. I would think if
my impeller was bad I would loose my telltail stream altogether when not
moving. I suspect my water pump may be going, it makes a little whine at
idle. Has anybody else ever experienced this? I'm paranoid about the
impeller, but like I said I thought if it was shot you would loose. All
throughout the trip today, the temp was anywhere from slightly above half to
3/4, I felt the exchangers and they were warm, not hot, although the (as
you're facing stern) left exchanger felt warmer than the other. Perhaps
this is from the temporary repair I made to the rubber hose that connects
the exchanger with the intermediate housing, (wrapped in duct tape) until I
can locate a replacement. I most likely will replace the water pump on the
engine, any difference between it and a regular auto type?



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