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UP haul is 2 " to narrow thinking about ways to make things narower

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  Have you thought of renting a U-HAUL tandem-axle vehicle transporter? You'll need a come-along or electric winch or someway to muscle the boat and trailer onto the transporter. Alternatively you could hire a flatbed transporter to bring it back home. Of course, for what those alternatives cost, you could almost find another trailer, but then you have the problem of transferring the boat from one trailer to another. Whatever you do, please be careful. Just remember Bill Green's disasterous towing experience with his "Class of '68" Sportsman.

  Lee Shuster
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    Hello Group,

    Quick recap 1966 Rogue, original trailer. Thought bearing on trailer was burned out turned out hub was shot. Boats still 140 miles away.

    According to the garage, hubs I got from Tom won't work. They want to rebuild the axle $500.00 + I would be happy to get the boat home. Any ideas?


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