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I don't know the specifics on your trailer, but I have a TeeNee. Where I launch I have no choice but to submerge the hubs. I got pretty sick of replacing wheel bearings every year, plus I could no longer get wheels or tires, I had no spare, and my surge brakes didn't work. Now this was about 8-10 years back, but the nice folks at EZ Loader Boat Trailers Custom Trailer Facility in Tullahoma, TN custom made me a nice new axle and shipped it to me. I don't remember the exact price, but I can assure you it was far less than $500 ($220 sticks in my mind, but can't confirm). You'll need lots of measurements, etc., but in the end all I had to change was 4 u-bolts and some brake fittings and I was done...permanently. I don't know if they're still there (931-455-6940 was the ph. #; got unidentified voice mail trying it just now) or if they'll still do what they did for me, but I imagine someone out there can provide you with a new axle for far less than $500. Beware if they don't provide the U-bolts you need to use the proper grade (I'd say grade 8 or higher) fasteners -- don't use the cheap stuff or you might be scrapping more than your trailer off the highway.

Btw, another tip: I got a new Ford Freestar to replace my Windstar and was blown away when my local trailer shop wanted over $200 for a hitch (I paid ~$120 for the Windstar hitch 2-3 years ago). First they blamed it on a "steel price surcharge," then they blamed it on the Freestar design, claiming it was more expensive. I wasn't going to pay darn near double the price so I went online to see what the specs were and what I could find. Well, I found a place called and I learned they'd ship it to me for less than $120. I also learned all the mounting holes are pre-existing in the Freestar so it's simply a matter of bolting it on which they claim takes an amateur about 30 minutes. Y'all might just want to think about this the next time you're in the market for a new hitch!!
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  Hello Group,

  Quick recap 1966 Rogue, original trailer. Thought bearing on trailer was burned out turned out hub was shot. Boats still 140 miles away.

  According to the garage, hubs I got from Tom won't work. They want to rebuild the axle $500.00 + I would be happy to get the boat home. Any ideas?


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