[omc-boats] Dipstick on Buick 225 V-6

From: Ethan Brodsky <brodskye@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 13:20:00 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, LShuster (lib1) wrote:
> My V6 Buick got sold recently and I'm going to a 307 SB Chevy, so I can't
> check out the V6 oil drain plug for you. Most people get a drill-powered
> pump and suck the oil out the dipstick. My dipstick on the 66 Sportsman was
> nestled between the head and the manifold, as you said next to the OIL cap.
> See: http://hhscott.com/evinrude/images/PA140010.JPG

I checked this morning and there is indeed a passage in the block for the
dipstick, right where it appears in the photo. Unfortunately, the dipstick
is missing.

Does anyone have a spare they'd like to sell?

Does anyone know if the oilpan is the same as that used on some recent 3.8L
automotive application? I'm guessing not, since most 3.8L engines are
transverse mounted in a FWD car with a transaxle. The dipstick hole also
looks significantly narrowed than those used on modern vehicles (which also
typically have an o-ring seal for evap control).

I'd appreciate if someone could measure their dipstick so I can find or
make one that'll work. The measurements I would need are total length
(bottom of cap flange to tip), distance from tip to low/high marks, and
width. I'm sure there's something out that that'll fit. I'm thinking I
can probably just cut an old truck dipstick to length and make new marks.


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