Re: [omc-boats] Ballast resistor wanted!

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 22:18:25 -0400

Good looking Reveler, Mike! In fact, it looks just like mine, though mine
is a 1967. I wouldn't worry too much about the windshield. It'd be nice to
have, but I almost always run with mine down. About the only time I run
with it up is when we get in the occasional errant storm else when it gets
cold else at night when I need to mount the running lights. Otherwise the
fold-down windshield is one of the best features of the boat. It looks like
your is mostly original too. I spent most of last summer rebuilding my
interior. I found some nice new flooring (Nautolux) that is very similar to
the original, though a bit thinner. Also found a good way to "repair" the
seat webbing without losing the original seats (insert cut to fit wire
shelving in place of the webbing). Finally I completely rebuilt the gunnels
using oak veneer. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

Regarding the spider gears, I agree you shouldn't run any hard torque
through them when tilted, but we've run ours with the unit up since it was
new (~1/2-mile creek from lake to launch) and only very minor wear shows
after 38 years. The key is we never run much over idle and we've been
fairly religous about greasing them almsot every run. The alternator and
water pump are the only two items we've had to repair more than once, and I
can count on my fingers the number of other repairs we've had to make (tilt
solenoid, tilt cog, distributor cap, bilge pump/blower, and that's about

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> I'm looking for a ballast resistor to replace the one in my 1968 Johnson
> Reveler 155. (if I can ever get the old one out! Any suggestions on that?
> tried an impact screwdriver, but couldn't get a good swing with a hammer
> it). I figure I'll try one more summer to get this boat running before I
> give up & put it back on the market.
> Still looking for a windshield as well.
> Mike
> See attached pics.

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