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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 18:26:15 -0600

Hi Mike,

There's nothing "marine-rated" or special about the GM ballast resistor used
on our boats to knock down the "running" voltage to match the requirements
of the 6-volt coil. (The resistor is by-passed only when starting for a
fatter crank-over spark). You can get another suitable ballast resistor at
any NAPA or auto parts place for any 55 - 75 (pre-HEI) GM (12-volt) car. I
wouldn't fight trying to get the old one out, just wire the new one up and
mount it somewhere conviently close by.


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> I'm looking for a ballast resistor to replace the one in my 1968 Johnson
> Reveler 155. (if I can ever get the old one out! Any suggestions on that?
> I
> tried an impact screwdriver, but couldn't get a good swing with a hammer
> at
> it). I figure I'll try one more summer to get this boat running before I
> give up & put it back on the market.
> Still looking for a windshield as well.
> Mike
> See attached pics.

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