Re: [omc-boats] 16' Trailer tilt

From: Phil Budne <phil>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 14:26:20 -0400 (EDT)

Lee Shuster wrote:
> One note of clarification:
> The 14-ft trailers used a lever to operate the tilt, not a crank-operated
> jack.
> The 19-foot trailers used a seperate tongue jack, like you typically see in
> use today.
> Only the 16-footer had the dual-use jack.

Our 1964 Sport '16 (Outboard) was on an Evinrude trailer with the tilt
lever, not the crank-jack. Looked just like the Playmate trailer
shown in the 1967 specs/photos submitted by Donna Kreiter (can be
viewed in the "literature" section of the web site). I seem to recall
my father had replaced the winch with a heavier, two speed model
(plain galvanized finish), and seeing the original, obviously lighter,
orange one in the garage.

The little front wheel was hinged, and locked either in the down
position, or flipped up 180 degrees.


Found the bill of sale for the trailer, dated 9/1964, but no model

Also found the 'Test station report on the EVINRUDE sweet 16 and sport
16 BOATS' (item number 3200) pg 20/21 talks about the trailer and
shows a photo of the tilt-lever model.
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