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It really was a very clever design (combining the tilt and tongue jack in one unit) especially when you consider how few boat trailers had any jacks in the sixties.

Thanks to fellow member, Tom Klauber, who sent me a photocopy of the 1969 Evinrude Trailer Owners manual, you can now view the manual on my website:


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  My trailer jack just broke last year. I couldn't find a replacement, so I just added on an off the shelf wheel jack. When the tongue is on the hitch (or anything else - like a cinder block), you can tilt the frame up to a pretty steep angle. Obviously, the original trailer jack below the winch needs to be operational. I remember my dad replacing the gears when I was a kid. They were pretty delicate - plastic, I think. When it's tilted up, you can snap the built in wheel (which is attached to the part of the frame that tilts) down. When the built in wheel hits the ground, the tongue comes back up off the hitch. It's a wonderful design.


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  I have the same exact problem! How does the trailer tilt?? How do you raise the tongue to put it on the truck's trailer ball?? I have a 16' 1969 original Custom trailer. Any pics or help is appreciated! Thanks

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