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To answer you question use a tire rolling dia,eter chart or online calculator, or measure the outside diameter with a oiece if string wrapped around the circumfrence of the mounted tire. See:

Mo, save yourdelf some future headaches abd ditch the car tires! Using regular Passenger car tires (P - rating) car tires is a VERY BAD idea on any trailer. At best you should specify ST (trailer) or at least LT (light truck). Trailer-tire sidewall stiffness is a compromise between P and LT designs. The desire for stiffer sidewalls is still occasionally cited as the reason for choosing a bias-belted trailer tire. While passenger-car tires are nearly all radials these days, ST tires are still available in bias-belted construction. Radial trailer tires are superior in all respects to bias-belted tires except in sidewall stiffness. Reduced tire heat, lower rolling resistance and softer ride are among the benefits of radials, not to mention extended wear. On the road, ST tires share some characteristics of passenger-car tires, but are closer to the design of light-truck tires. Trailer tires typically employ heavier steel or polyester cords and somewhat lighter sidewall construction than light-truck tires, and trailer tires typically run lower air pressures than their truck counterparts. This gives ST tires good load-carrying capacity, but with the desired softer ride, ST tires also have the advantage of rubber compounds that are specifically designed to resist deterioration from the elements, including sunlight and ozone, during extended storage.

Take a look here for more info:


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  Now I have a set of rims with that spacing , what about the max tire height so that it doesn't rub on anything? These are reg car tires...Mo

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